The ultimate guide to my city | where to eat in aarhus?

English translation below. I dag, kommer dagens indlæg til at foregå på engelsk, så mine engelsktalende venner kan følge med for en gangs skyld. Jeg har lagt mærke til, at der er begyndt at komme flere og flere turister til byen, hvilket jeg forresten KUN synes er en god ting, så jeg tænkte, at jeg ville lave et indlæg, som de søde mennesker der besøger min lille by, kan tage frem og bruge. I kan selvfølgelig også bruge den og fremover, så kommer listen til at ligge i min menu-bar, så den er nem at finde frem igen. Jeg opdaterer den et par gange om året, så husk at kigge ind forbi den engang i mellem. Håber I kan forstå engelsk ellers er det med at finde ordbogen frem, du.

Soo.. Here’s the ultimate food guide to Aarhus, with pictures, links and all:

Ffood_brunch_anmeldelse_aarhus Brunch_hos_Ffood-1

FFood (link to website)

See more pictures from the prettiest brunch in Aarhus right here and get going. You can get brunch everyday at the little, cosy place from 10 AM to 12 AM but remember to get there in good time because there aren’t that many seats in the little café. If you don’t want brunch, you can get some of the best sandwiches and green juices in the city. You can sit outside with your food or go to the Botanical Gardens which are just a few minutes away. One of my favorite spots, for sure.

Vesterbro Torv 8, 8000 Aarhus C

Memphis-roadhouse-aarhus-3 Memphis Roadhouse 6Memphis-roadhouse-aarhus-2Memphis Roadhouse

Memphis Roadhouse (link to website)

This place have always been one of my favorite places to get some real good food and good beer. It’s got a real american vibe and it always takes me back to the States. Some of you might know, that I’ve got a little country heart (I love the food and music) and every time, I visit Memphis Roadhouse, it takes me right back. Try ALL the appetizers and the desserts. And the main courses. Oh, just try everything.

Christiansgade 32, 8000 Aarhus C

La cabra morgenmad

La cabra morgenmad La cabra morgenmad 2

La Cabra (link to website)

At La Cabra, you get some of the best coffee in town and the little roastery is located right in the sun, almost all day. In the morning, I like to get the breakfast plate – it’s simple, affordable and just really good.

Graven 20, 8000 Aarhus C

Take-away-awards-Just-Eat-5 Take-away-awards-Just-Eat-7

Taste Mi (link to website)

If you love vietnamese food, then this is definitely place to visit. This little gem is located at Vesterbro Torv and it’s some of the best take-away to get can around those parts. It’s a little café, and just like Ffood, you can easily bring your food to the Botanical Gardens, which is just a few minutes away. The sandwiches are so good – just remember the sriracha sauce!

Nørre Alle 100, 8000 Aarhus C

Pho C&P anmeldelse 8 Pho C&P anmeldelse 9 Pho C&P anmeldelse 10 Pho C&P anmeldelse 5 Pho C&P anmeldelse 22

Pho C&P (link to website)

This is a new favorite! I really love vietnamese food and this is the place to get the best pho soup and the best fresh spring rolls, in town. This place isn’t located in a place where you might think, there was going to be great place to eat (and there is a lot of traffic right outside, making noise) but once you get the food, you’ll forget all about it.

Sønder Allé 14, 8000 Aarhus

Anmeldelse af Köd Aarhus 3 Anmeldelse af Köd Aarhus 6 Anmeldelse af Köd Aarhus 2
Restaurant Köd (link to website)

This is the best place to get your meat on! The atmosphere is good, the meat is also good and the prices are very reasonable. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the mood for steak and some good sides!

Skolegade 21, 8000 Aarhus C

Mexicansk mad Aarhus 2Vaca_Aarhus_2 Mexicansk mad Aarhus 3 Vaca_Aarhus_5Mexicansk mad Aarhus

VACA (link to website)

This is my go-to place when I’m looking for an easy take-away dinner. The prices at VACA are really good and for 300 kr. you could easily feed 3 people with big appetites like myself. Do yourself a favor and remember to order the pork rinds with tomato seasoning – they are amazing and addictive! Oh, and try the corn as well, they’re so, so good.

Mejlgade 17, 8000 Aarhus C

Signaturen_Karmasushi_Aarhus1 Signaturen_Karmasushi_Aarhus_31Karma Sushi (link in bio)

This is probably the most expensive place on the list, but sometimes you just gotta treat yourself. We visit karma once a month and it never disappoints! Our favorite menu is the one called Signaturen (see more pictures of that here) and we always leave very happy and very full after that one. Oh, it’s just crazy good and you get to try everything on the menu! Karma has got 2 locations in Aarhus:

Frederiksgade 83, 8000 Aarhus C
Vestergade 48, 8000 Aarhus C

Langhoff og Juul Anmeldelse 2 Langhoff og Juul AnmeldelseLanghoff og Juul (link to website)

If you want eat at one of the prettiest places in Aarhus, this is the spot. I have only been there for brunch, cake and coffee – and that’s always been good. Unfortunately, the service isn’t always the best (last time I was there, we had to wait about 45 minutes for 3 cups of coffee, and no apology or explanation for that) but sometimes you’re lucky.

Guldsmedegade 30, 8000 Aarhus C

Ok, that’s my little list..
.. but here’s some of the honorable mentions. The places below are all very good, but I haven’t gotten around to take pictures with my camera yet, so I hope you can make due with some instagram pictures. There a link to the instagram post at the end of each text bit. Here we go:

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Cafe Juliette (link to website)

Juliette has got the cutest little backyard that takes you right back to France. The decor is cute and you feel right at home when you step in. I haven’t gotten a meal that I didn’t like but I must say that they’ve got the BEST caesar salad in town. And trust me, I’m an expert in caesar salads. (See picture on instagram)

Jægergaardsgade 54, 8000 Aarhus C

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Grillen (link to website)

This place is just an easy place when you want some greasy but good burgers. There’s always room for you, since the space is pretty big and service is fast, fast, fast. It’s not the best place in town, because there is ALOT of burger bars here in Aarhus, but it right up there. It’s just easy and convenient and it’s open at night, so when you are going home after a night out, you can stop by and get your grease on. (See picture on instagram)

Klosterport 2, 8000 Aarhus C

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The Burger Schack (link to website)

Like I said, there’s a lot of places to eat burgers in Aarhus – but – the best one is definitely from the Burger Schack! Just try it and you’ll know why. Grilled burgers and parmesan fries – need I say more? It’s the best and prices are some of the best as well! (See picture on instagram)

Frederiksgade 39, 8000 Aarhus C

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Bernth og Co. (link to website)

Best service in town. I always vist Bernth og Co. if I want a really good, high quality sandwich or salad. It’s a real family business and everything is made from scratch, which is something you can taste. Sometimes I just stop by for coffee because they also make one of the best americanos in town! (See picture on instagram)

Borggade 12, 8000 Aarhus C

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Piccolina (link to website)

You can’t make a list about food without pizza. Here, I have eaten some of the best pizzas in my life, and I don’t really like pizza in the first place. It’s simple and amazing! (See picture on instagram)

Skolegyde 8, 8000 Aarhus C

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Mefisto (link to website)

In this old-school cafe you can get some of the best lunches in town. Ceasar salads, goat cheese galore or carpaccio. The portions are pretty big and the old decor is different then anywhere else in town, so this little gem is definitely worth a visit. (See picture on instagram)

Volden 28, 8000 Aarhus C

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Søstrene Grene Café (link to website)
If you haven’t visited a Søstrene Grene store before, then you are in for a treat. On the top floor of the original Søstrene Grene store, you can find the Søstrene Grene Café. The prices here are really good (and you get a free refill on your coffee, which is always good) and the food is very filling, even though most of the dishes are salads. This place is definitely worth a visit while you are on a shopping spree! (See picture on instagram)

Søndergade 11, 8000 Aarhus C

Okay, that’s my list. I hope you find it useful.
I definitely love making these because I get to eat out ALOT and call it research. Ha! Send me a message if you got any questions at all.


Jeg køber lidt for mange sko, drikker nok lidt for meget kaffe og så elsker jeg at tage billeder af alt på min vej. Tak fordi I kigger med!

  1. Wow Michelle! Virkelig gennemført indlæg, som jeg helt sikkert kommer til at bruge næste gang, jeg tager til Århus. ;-)

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